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Now for the Back Nine

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This is the best coaching book I have ever read, to reduce your handicap Over the years I have read many books on golf coaching, this is far and away the best I have read. Whilst it is written specifically for the more mature golfer, many of the principles apply equally to golfers of all ages.
The author explains his teaching in an easy to understand style with numerous photographs and diagrams to reinforce the theory. Each chapter is interspersed with various quotes from famous people through the ages, not just golfers, which are both profound and inspiring. There are several humorous anecdotes relating to the authors life whilst he was on the European tour and representing England/Ireland in the Ryder cup.
When I started to read the book I couldn’t put it down, it is a compelling read.


Helped me to simplify my swing thoughts.

I’ve read quite a few golf books, mainly from Dave Pelz but it was great to get a different approach which was less intensive on the hard physics of the golf swing. Other books I’ve read can sometimes overcomplicate things and give me too many different swing thoughts, but this book just helped me to focus on the fundamentals. I think striping things back after reading this book has really helped me to enjoy my time on the course without over analysing too much. Some really helpful, simple drills to build from.
Loved it.


Great Book!

As a golfer approaching the back nine, I found this book to be really helpful. The way it is put together is clear & easy to understand. The stories that are in the book are great fun.

Robin S

Wit, wisdom and advice!

Bought this for my dad and he wished he had it years ago.
Full of wit and wisdom as well as solid advice for the game we all love.

Mr Tim Searle

Excellent Read
Well written and presented book. Easy to read, pick up and put down. Some really useful tips and interesting background on Peter’s experiences. I have bought several more copies as presents for friends I know will also enjoy reading and no doubt revisiting this excellent book.

Mike Godfrey

The best book for golfers that I’ve ever read.
At last a book that understands that not all golfers are super humans. Educational, funny, enlightening and captivating. I recommend this book without any reservations.

Stephen John Wright

Ryder Cup player & PGA Master Professional golf educational with tales from the tour Wonderful book, primarily tutorial but full of Peter’s stories from The Tour and life in golf. Humorous but educational. The golf tips are simple and easy to implement which has already improved my game and given me reference points to utilise. We must all be able to learn something from a former Ryder Cup player and PGA Master Professional

Keith M

The perfect book to gift anyone who loves Golf
Bought this book for my friends Dad’s birthday and he absolutely loves it!

Wayne M

This book brings hope to us all! What a wonderful read, with many easy to understand tips, supported by pictures, for those of us who have seen our best years in the sport. It was lovely to see that the golf swing does not have to conform to a single, rigid definition and that someone who has performed at the very top of this game has found ways to ‘tweak’ things to accomodate limitations caused by advancing years. The tips and support sections are interspersed with entertaining stories of actual events from golfing history and combine to make it hard to put the book down. I cannot wait to get to the practise ground with a bucket of balls and this book to see what I can achieve. I thoroughly recommend it as a MUST READ for anyone on ‘the back nine’ and will be purchasing more copies as Christmas presents for close golfing friends. Thank you Peter

Rick Hassell